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Baby names that mean dream hit the sweet spot between enchanting, other-worldly, aspiring, and optimistic. Read on for our favorites.
Looking for a name that’s a dream come true?

Baby names that mean dream are literally that!

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Why choose a baby name that means dream?

When we dream, our brains process information, help us learn things more quickly, and fuel our creativity.

In cultures throughout the world, dreams are potent omens that either predict the future or connect us to the past.

Dreams have been thought to express our unconscious desires and can even be a source of anxiety for some.

So while we can agree that dreams are certainly powerful, the research about exactly what they are and mean is forever ongoing.

And our nightly adventures are not the only thing we’re talking about when we talk about dreams.

We’re also speaking about our hopes and aspirations.

As a mama-to-be, you’ve probably begun to dream about what your life will look like when your child is born, what they will grow up to be, and how your own life will change.

Names meaning dream capture this perfect combination of hopefulness, optimism, and wisdom.

Girl names that mean dream

We’ll kick off with girls’ names that either mean “dream” or are closely related.

  1. Ahlam: With Arabic origins, this sweet baby girl’s name means “she with the beauty of dreams.”
  2. Aislin/Aislinn: Meaning “vision” or “dream,” this beautiful name has Irish origins. It comes from the Gaelic word aisling, which means dream.
  3. Ala: Meaning “dream” in Yoruba.
  4. Alora: Meaning “my beautiful dream,” this name originates from Botswana.
  5. Ametsa: The Basque word for “dream”.
  6. Bhranti: This Gujarati name means “daydream.”
  7. Breksta: Lithuanian goddess of twilight and dreams.
  8. Breuddwyd: Meaning “dream” in Welsh.
  9. Chimere: Meaning “dreamy,” this girl’s name has French origins.
  10. Eislyn: Meaning “beautiful dream,” this name has Celtic origins.
  11. Esperanza: This cheerful Spanish name means “having big dreams and hope.”
  12. Guaraman: This name has Sikh/Punjabi origins and means “heart of the guru.”
  13. Ibormeith: After Caer Ibormeith, the Celtic goddess of dreams.
  14. Imena: This hopeful name has Arabic roots too and means “faith.”
  15. Isleen: Meaning “vision” and “dream,” this sweet name has Irish origins.
  16. Isra: This hypnotic Arabic name means “journey of the night.”
  17. Kala: Meaning “dream” in Telugu.
  18. Kalpana: Kalpana means “imagination” and “creativity” in various languages, including Hindi, Telugu, and Nepali.
  19. Kamaria: This name has dreamy connotations — it means “moonlight” and is of Swahili origins.
  20. Lourdes: Meaning “dreams,” this girl’s name has French origins.
  21. Maya: This popular baby girl’s name has a variety of meanings, depending on its origins. From Sanskrit roots, Māyā means “illusion or magic.” It also has Greek origins, where it means “good mother.” And from the Māori language, it means “courage” or “bravery.” Now that’s one mighty little dream name!
  22. Niorun: Norse goddess of dreams.
  23. Nisa: From its Thai roots, Nisa means “night” or “dream.” It also means “women” from its Arabic origins.
  24. Oniria: This Spanish name means “dream-like.”
  25. Pasithea: Pasithea was the wife of Hypnos in Greek mythology, the god of sleep. She was the goddess of rest, relaxation, and meditation.
  26. Penelope: This classic name likely has Greek origins and means “weaver.” She is famous for her loyalty — as well as her prophetic dreams.
  27. Reverie: Meaning “daydream” or “a dreamlike state,” this girl’s name has French origins.
  28. Ruya/Ruyah: With its Arabic and Turkish roots, Ruya means “vision,” “sight,” or “dream.”
  29. Sadira: This name means “lotus tree,” which gives it a particularly dreamy feel. In Homer’s Odyssey, the lotus tree bears a fruit that brings on a peaceful drowsiness. The lotus is also a symbol of spiritual enlightenment in various cultures and religions.
  30. Sanja: From Croatian/Serbian roots, this lovely name means “she dreams.”
  31. Sapna/Sapana: This Hindi name means “a dream come true.”
  32. Swapanili: With Hindu origins, this baby girl moniker means “dream-like.”
  33. Swapnasundari: Meaning “woman of dreams” in Sanskrit.
  34. Swapnika: Meaning “dreams” in Sanskrit.
  35. Yume: Depending on the kanji used, this Japanese name can mean “a dream come true.” Another delightful meaning is “help someone, love.”

What girl name means dreamer?

And then here are some of our other favorites that are perfect for a little castle-builder.

  1. Alviva: Meaning “dreamer,” the name has English origins. It also has another adorable meaning — “elf friend”.
  2. Baduli: With Indian origins, this name means “dreamer” or “one who analyzes.” It’s the perfect name for a budding philosopher.

Boy names that mean dream

Now for our top picks for baby boy names that mean dream:

  1. Abhidhyan: From its Hindu origins, this name means “intelligent” and “recollection” — ideas both associated with dream states.
  2. Almos: This adorable Hungarian name means “dream,” “sleepy,” or “drowsy.”
  3. Amets: This interesting name of Basque origins simply means “dream.”
  4. Arman: From its Persian roots, Arman means “wish” or “hope.” It has other meanings too — “honorable” in Turkish and “soldier” from its German origins.
  5. Ayumu: If you’re wondering what Japanese name means dream, here’s your answer. Almos means “dream,” “vision” or “walk.”
  6. Bruatar/Bruadar: Another powerful Scottish Gaelic name, this one also means “dream.”
  7. Daniel: This might be a strange addition to our list, but in The Sandman comics, Daniel Hall takes up the role of Dream after Morpheus passes. Daniel also means “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  8. Endri: This Albanian name means “dreamer.”
  9. Erebos: The land of dreams.
  10. Hulum: Meaning “dream” in Arabic.
  11. Icelus: Another God of dreams.
  12. Jacob: This name makes the list because of the Biblical Jacob, who dreamed of angels on a ladder to heaven.). The name Jacob means “supplanter.”
  13. Joseph: Fans of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat will know of this Biblical dream interpreter. The name means “God will add.”
  14. ​​Joydever: From its Gaelic roots, this gender-neutral name means “dream big.”
  15. Kai-ckul: One of the names for Dream of the Endless in The Sandman.
  16. Khamari: An African name meaning “dreamer”.
  17. Lorien: This name has very dreamy connotations and may be a particular hit with Tolkien fans. Lórien or Lothlórien is a realm of the Elves in Middle-Earth.
  18. Morpheus: With Greek origins, this name means “God of dreams.” Fans of The Matrix or The Sandman might find this name particularly appealing.
  19. Okanu: An African God of dreams.
  20. Oneiroi: A Greek word for dream spirits.
  21. Phantasus: A Greek word meaning “phantasm”, part of the dream deities.
  22. Phobetor: Greek for “to be feared”, another of the Gods of dreams.
  23. Rasui: From Egyptian roots, Rasui means “dream.”
  24. Swapan: With Hindu origins, Swapan means “dream.”
  25. Swapnadeep: Meaning “king of dreams” in Sanskrit.
  26. Swapnesh: An Indian name meaning “king of dreams”.
  27. Swapnil: An Indian name meaning “seen in a dream”.
  28. Swaranlal: A Sikh name meaning “dreamy person”.
  29. Tutu: Egyptian spirit who protects people from bad dreams.
  30. Yeraz: With Arabic origins, this baby boy’s name means “dream.”

Gender-neutral baby names that mean dream

After something that works for boys, girls, and they-bies? We’ve got you covered with these unisex dream baby names:

  1. Albadawi: Meaning “inner dream” in Arabic.
  2. Amani: Meaning “aspirations” and “wishes,” this name has Arabic origins.
  3. Azlin: Meaning “dream”, from the Gaelic aisling.
  4. Bruadair: A strong name with Gaelic origins, Bruadair means “dream.”
  5. Chelem: Meaning “dream” in Arabic.
  6. Dream: This name needs no explanation. Simple yet powerful in so many ways.
  7. Guifi: Meaning “dream” in Chamorro.
  8. Hayal: Meaning “dream,” this name has Arabic origins.
  9. Kanasu: With its Hindu roots, this exquisite name means “dreamy.”
  10. Moeuhane: Meaning “dream” in Hawaiian.
  11. Murphy: One of the nicknames of Morpheus in The Sandman comics.
  12. Nyx: This baby girl’s name has Greek origins, meaning “night.” In fact, Nyx was the ancient Greek goddess of the night.
  13. Reve: The sweet name has French origins and simply means “dream.”
  14. Riyo: Meaning “dream” in Somali.
  15. Sandy” After the Sandman.

We hope you’ve found the sweetest of dreams amongst these heavenly options.

All the best with your choice!

82 Divine Baby Names That Mean Dream | Peanut (2024)
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