Latest France Loto Results and Winning Numbers (2024)

Winning Numbers

  • 13183446475

Prize Breakdown

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '-999','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': 'No Winners','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '-999','GuessCountToDisplay': '

5+1 Nº Chance

','Id': '5896528','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 79180.3000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 79,180.30

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '79,180.30','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 79,180.30','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '79,180.30','GuessCountToDisplay': '


','Id': '5896529','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 1414.0000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 1,414

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '1,414','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 1,414','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '1,414','GuessCountToDisplay': '

4+1 Nº Chance

','Id': '5896530','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 577.6000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 577.60

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '577.60','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 577.60','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '577.60','GuessCountToDisplay': '


','Id': '5896531','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 55.9000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 55.90

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '55.90','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 55.90','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '55.90','GuessCountToDisplay': '

3+1 Nº Chance

','Id': '5896532','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 24.9000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 24.90

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '24.90','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 24.90','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '24.90','GuessCountToDisplay': '


','Id': '5896533','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 9.8000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 9.80

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '9.80','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 9.80','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '9.80','GuessCountToDisplay': '

2+1 Nº Chance

','Id': '5896534','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 4.7000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 4.70

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '4.70','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 4.70','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '4.70','GuessCountToDisplay': '


','Id': '5896535','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 2.2000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 2.20

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '2.20','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 2.20','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '2.20','GuessCountToDisplay': '

1+1 Nº Chance

','Id': '5896536','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'},{'DrawRef': '357519','CurrencyRef': '5','GameNumber': '1','LocalWinningAmount': 2.2000,'USDWinningAmount': 0.0,'RandomlyGeneratedMultiplier': '1','NoWinner': 'False','LocalWinningAmountToDisplay': '

€ 2.20

','LocalWinningAmountToDisplayNoDecimalsWhenZero': '2.20','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplay': '€ 2.20','LocalWinningAmountMultiplyToDisplayNoDecimalWhenZero': '2.20','GuessCountToDisplay': '

0+1 Nº Chance

','Id': '5896537','IsActive': 'False','DateCreated': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','DateModified': '06/07/2024 20:35:20','IsNew': 'True','IsDeleted': 'False','IsChanged': 'False','IsOld': 'False'}],rowNum: 1000,gridComplete:function(){var $grid = $(this);var getEvents = $._data($grid[0], 'events'); if (getEvents && getEvents.contextmenu && getEvents.contextmenu.length === 1) { var orgContextmenu = getEvents.contextmenu[0].handler; $grid.unbind('contextmenu', orgContextmenu); $grid.bind('contextmenu', function(e) { var oldmultiselect = this.p.multiselect, result; this.p.multiselect = true; result =, e); this.p.multiselect = oldmultiselect; return result; }); }$('#lotteryResultsGrid_jqGrid_rn').addClass('hideRightBorder');$grid.attr("gridcompleted", "true")},loadComplete:function(){$(this).trigger('loadComplete'); },});$('#lotteryResultsGrid_jqGrid').jqGrid('navGrid', '#lotteryResultsGrid_jqPager', {edit: false, add: false, del: false, excel: false, search: false , refresh: false});var cm = $('#lotteryResultsGrid_jqGrid')[0].p.colModel;$.each($('#lotteryResultsGrid_jqGrid')[0].grid.headers, function(index, value) {var cmi = cm[index], colName =;if(!cmi.sortable && colName!=='rn' && colName!=='cb' && colName!=='subgrid') {$('div.ui-jqgrid-sortable',value.el).css({cursor:'default'});}});});

Lottery Information

Guess Range 5/49 + Nº Chance 1/10
Offered In France
Schedule (Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH
Tax Requirement Lottery prizes are paid out tax-free. Check the tax laws in your country of residence for any further local taxation you may be subject to.

Winning Odds

Match Winning Odds
5+1 Nº Chance1:19,068,840
4+1 Nº Chance1:86,676
3+1 Nº Chance1:2,015
2+1 Nº Chance1:144
1+1 Nº Chance1:28
0+1 Nº Chance1:18

Latest France Loto Results and Winning Numbers (1)

Check Your France Loto Results

The France Loto includes ten amazing prize categories, and players must match five winning numbers as well as oneadditional number to win the jackpot, which starts at a minimum of €2 million. If there's a rollover, the next draw's jackpot will be increased by €1 million until it's won! The numbers are drawn from a drum with a guess range 1-49, and the additional number is drawn from a separate drum with a guess range of 1-10.

The generous lottery offers 1 in 6 odds of winning any of its prizes, and to get the last prize category, players match only the additional number! The additional number helps French Loto fans win the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th prize categories. It also helps that all France Loto wins are tax-free! If you’re a fan of European lottery games, try playing German Lotto for huge jackpots paired with great odds of winning!

Latest France Loto Results and Winning Numbers (2)

France Loto Raffle Results

All tickets purchased for France Loto automatically participate in the supplementary France Loto Raffle, staged three times a week in parallel to the regular lottery draw. Ten prizes worth €20,000 are awarded in this French raffle.

Did you win this raffle prize? After each France Loto draw, we’ll check your tickets against the winning raffle codes and notify you if you win. In addition to France Loto, there are several other European lotteries that offer raffles, including Spain EuroMillions, Austria EuroMillions, and Canada 6/49 to name a few!

Check the full details of the winning France Loto raffle codes on the official website!

Latest France Loto Results and Winning Numbers (3)

How to Receive FREE France Loto Results

To receive your FREE Loto France results online, sign up for email notifications here. Keep up with winning France Loto numbers on the go with the theLotter’s FREE apps for iOSand Android. Download the mobile apps today and get immediate access to results and information of worldwide lotteries, as well as access to the last ten France Loto draws! Find your draw schedules, select your France Loto lucky numbers to play the next draw, and see winning numbers, all from the comfort of your mobile device!

Latest France Loto Results and Winning Numbers (4)

France Loto Lottery Record Jackpots

The France Loto has had several magnificent jackpot over the years. The lottery's latest record-breaking prize reached€30 million before it was won by a single ticket in the 4 December 2021 draw! The winning numbers were 5, 18, 23, 34, 44, and Lucky Number 5. The French lottery’s second-biggest jackpot was €26 million and it awarded on 11 September 2021!The lottery's previous record was awarded ten years ago on 6 June 2011. The €24 million jackpot was claimed by a single ticket holder who matched the numbers 10, 13, 22, 30, 45, and the additional number 1.

Latest France Loto Results and Winning Numbers (2024)
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